Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Kebaya for Teenager

make up yuk

Buat kamu yang ogah dandan menor? Aku siap membantumuuuuuu.......


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hmmm.. What about it?  It's one of my favorites. 
Silverish grey is always in my heart. Simple but classic.
Everybody will look at you when you're wearing it. 
It's true.
And the good news is: it's for rent. 
Go for it!

She's nice wearing my red kebaya. Cakep.
But the photo's background surely is not cakep. Sorry..... hehehe

Haiyaaaaa...............It's for you who like purple, ungu, or unyu...  
I have several collection of this model. 
You may buy it. But I have others for rent too.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

 I have the gold one. It's simple, not too much beads. I like it.

Here is one of kebayas of my dream. Teenager is cute wearing it. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kartini Day ~ Kids Traditional Costumes

On April 21, each year, Indonesia celebrates Kartini's Day. Kartini is one of Indonesian heroes who fought for female gender. In her era, Indonesian woman do not have the same degree as men. On Kartini's Day, Indonesia held a carnival. Participants must wear the traditional costumes of the 35 provinces in Indonesia. The children are eager to join the carnival.  
I always imagined having my own creation of Indonesian  traditional costumes but of course based on the basic costume. I always pray, Indonesia's young generation love to wear traditional Indonesian costume.

1. "Baju Bodo" from South Sulawesi (Sulawesi Selatan)

Baju Bodo
We call it baju bodo from Sulawesi Selatan. The costume consists of simple blouse and sarong. The costume beautifies by the gold accessories; hair, necklace, drop earings, belt, and bracelet.

2. Black Suede Classic Kebaya from Javanese 

Black suede classic kebaya was wore by Javanese princess long time ago. It looks classic and elegance. It consists of kebaya and batik (jarik/Javanese fabric). It's more elegance with the companies of gold necklace, earings, bracelet. 
3. Dodotan from Javanesse

Long time ago, princess wears this costume; open shoulder, Javanesse fabric, gold accessories, flowers, and up do. Beautiful.

4. Open shoulder Javanese Traditional Costume

5. Bali Traditional Costume

 This costume is from Bali - Indonesia. It contains of Bali fabric and gold accessories everywhere. It shows the high value of Bali. Balinese is society who uphold Bali culture. They wear traditional costume everyday, and they are very religious.

6. Costume of Nawang Wulan 
This is my description of Nawang Wulan. Nawang Wulan is one of Indonesian tales. She is one of  7 angels who come to the world for a visit. When she and her sisters swim in a pond, her shawl was stolen by a local boy. The problem is the shawl is actually her vehicle to go home to heaven. She couldn't go home. She stays in the world and marries the local boy. After years, she finds her shawl. She leaves the local boy and her daughter to heaven.

7.  Minangkabau Woman Traditional Costume
Minangkabau woman traditional costume consists of loose blouse, sarong, salempang, bracelet and special hat. The original of the costume is sewed with gold threat. One of the most interesting part of the costume is the hat.  The shape is like buffalo horn. The hat shapes is similar to Minang house called Rumah Gadang. But of course the size fits the head. The shape has a meaning. It shows the greatness of Minangkabau women which is called "Limpapeh Rumah Nan Gadang". Rumah Gadang is the house of Minang. It has several pillars. Limpapeh means the central pillars in a building and centralize all the power of the other columns. When the central pillars of this house fall apart the whole house will fall apart too. It symbolizes that Minangkabau woman is a solid pillar of the family.There are several models of the costume. Here is one of them. Cakep